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Putting Data to Work for Clinical Excellence



CCI provides a both consulting and data services. We offer both standard data services product  packages as well as customized solutions. Our experts are available to help you assess your needs and develop the right approach for your organization.

Data Plus - Data Capture Services


CCI can help you with all of your data capture and reporting needs. Organizations may contract with the Center for Clinical Informatics for the DATA PLUS service.  The DATA PLUS service can be customized to meet the unique needs of client organizations, including private labeling of forms, reports, and web sites. 

Outcomes Measurement Systems

OMS permits practices and organizations to collect data across multiple clinicians at multiple sites. Plans and practices are able to aggregate their results for any given time period, and compare their results to external benchmarks.


Risk Stratification and Utilization Management

Getting patients the right services at the right time is one of the greatest challenges. Health management programs must be timely and well targeted to be cost effective. CCI has developed the tools to mine clinical and administrative data, predictively identify high risk individuals, and make that information readily available to clinicians and care managers.

Performance Measurement Consulting

CCI experts are available to provide support for your data analysis and performance measurement projects. Whether developing a new population health management program, measuring the impact of an existing program, or creating KPIs from your existing data system, we can accelerate your progress and apply advanced methods. From data collection to analysis, reporting and communication, we can help.